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The doors of our cherished cafe have closed, but the passion for flavor isn't going anywhere and our hearts are brimming with new culinary ideas! The familiar warmth of Veeta’s Vegan lives on! We're pouring our creativity into a new format, offering portable, shelf-stable snacks that burst with the flavors you loved in our cafe.

The café taught us so much about community, creativity, and the power of plant-based goodness. Now, we're merging that knowledge with our original vision, creating a whole new chapter for Veeta’s Vegan. Think of it as your favorite café meets a gourmet dried food emporium!

As we embark on a delicious detour we're busy channeling our cafe creativity into irresistible dried snacks, ensuring your taste buds never miss a beat! Get ready to snack naturally because Yum Yum & Veeta’s Vegan is officially back in town COMING THIS FALL! Join us as we explore the world of dried delicacies, crafting bites that are bursting with flavor and surprise.